SDAD Board Meeting Minutes 1-17-12

SDAD Board meeting

Held at the SDAD Center Saturday, January 7th, 2012


The SDAD Board meeting came to order at 1:30 PM with the full Board present:

            President Patty Kuglitsch; Vice President Tom Kober; Secretary David Dahle;

            Treasurer Deborah Brozik; At-large members: Patty Pibal, Jeff Panek, Tom Hudson,

            Greg Danielson, and Nikki Darland.


Approximately 20 members and guests were present during the meeting.



The agenda was approved as read.


Minutes of previous Board meeting:

The minutes of the previous regular board meeting were approved as read.



Public Input:


John Pibal mentioned that during the Christmas Dinner, when the Augustana students wanted to use the center’s sound system, they learned that it was off-limits and only one person (who was not present) had the ‘right’ to run the system, so the students had to find another solution for music.


Belinda Panek mentioned with the Legislature coming up, she wondered about seeing about a bill to have insurance cover hearing aids.



Treasurer’s Report:

Reports for August through November were reviewed and approved.

Tom Kober reminded the Treasurer to check on the CD maturity date and roll it over to a better rate.



Officer and Board reports:



            See the recent issue of SDAD News for more details of her activities as SDAD President

            Disability Advocacy Network – funding concerns

                        Concerns relating to the deaf – cuts in services, Independent Living program

                        restoration, consumer input on services delivered, no deaf ombudsman in

                        state government

            SDCCD – overall concerns about the availability of transportation

            Christmas Dinner – thanks to John and Patty Pibal. Approximately 160 people were served.

Request to ratify recent Email votes – 2012 calendar, Cub Scouts requests / follow-ups, and New Years’ Eve Party.

            Jeff Panek (Tom Kober) moved to ratify both Email votes. Carried.



            CSD was asked if any old displays that could be refurbished for SDAD use, none were found.

                        It was suggested that two portable banner units be purchased.

                        CSD Creative Media will also assist with the brochures.

            Some updates for SDAD Programs were shared.

            Some changes in standing committees and will be updated in that part of the meeting

            Board Training: Held this morning and went well, only regret was not enough time!


Vice President:

            The calendar has been approved and will be posted on the website.



            One letter was received from a member asking for a review of inactive Bank Nite members.

            The letter was referred to the Governance committee.



            SDAD had 205 members as of December 31.

            $3000 was shifted from checking into savings.

            Recent memorials: James Still’s mother, Dave Carlson, Nona Schumacher, and Paul Berka.

            NAD affiliate dues have been paid for 2012.


Board member-at-large reports: (no report)



Committee reports:


Finance: Todd Timmer introduced himself to the Board as the new chair of the Finance committee.

            He shared three items with the board:

                        The current finance report formats need updating.

                        Recommended increasing coffee to $1.25 with unlimited refills.

                        Recommended approval of purchase of PR materials up to $500.

            Tom Kober (Patty Pibal) moved to accept the report with changes; PR material purchase to

                        be actual cost if the approved $500 amount is exceeded.

            Jeff Panek (Tom Hudson) amended to raise the approval ceiling to $750.

                        Amendment and main proposal carried.

Governance: Larry Puthoff shared updates with the Board and action items for consideration.

                        Recommended that SDAD not adopt the motion from the 2011 SDAD Conference

                                    about adding a parent of a deaf / HH child and/or an interpreter to the Board.

                        Developed SDAD Finance Committee policy / procedures and is working on others.

                        SDAD Rec Center policies are confusing and need revision.

                        Recommended that the second Bingo / SFingo games at 9PM be eliminated.

            Patty Pibal (Tom Hudson) moved to accept the recommendation to drop the 9:00 Bingo and

                        SFingo games and just play one game at 8:00. Carried.

                        President Kuglitsch declared the change effective as of that day.

            Tom Kober (Deb Brozik) moved to ratify the Governance Committee’s recommendation

                        on the referred Conference motion. Carried.


Legislative: No updates other than the Legislature reconvening the week following the meeting

Education: Updates were shared on recent SDSD / Augustana activities.

            Nikki Darland has expressed a desire to step down as chair of Education and Legislative

                        committees due to the responsibilities of being a new mother. Ben Soukup has been

                        asked and is interested in being a chair of both committees.

Public Relations: Patty shared updates with the Board on behalf of Bobbie Beth Scoggins.

Recreation: Mark Koterwski shared updates with the Board and plans for a summer picnic.

            Nikki Darland (Tom Hudson) moved that SDAD approve Mark’s request for $300 for

                        picnic food and prizes. Carried and referred to the Finance Committee.

            Patty Pibal (Deb Brozik) moved that SDAD have the picnic on June 16 (rain date June 23).

            Tom Kober (Jeff Panek) amended that the picnic be held at Tuthill as first choice followed

                        by Cherry Rock and Laurel Oak parks.

            Amendment and main proposal carried.

2013 Conference: No report

            Jeff Panek (Tom Hudson) moved that the co-chairs present a full report at the next meeting.


SDAD Programs: Patty shared updates with the Board.

            Four areas are under SDAD Programs: SDAD News, Miss Deaf SD, Museum, and Snack Bar.

            Nikki Darland asked about the Miss Deaf South Dakota program.

Technology: Kevin Barber shared updates with the Board.

Hall of Fame: None

Mental Health (ad hoc): Darlene Zangara shared updates with the Board



President Kuglitsch requested a 10-minute break at 2:55; meeting resumed at 3:10.



Unfinished business: (none)



New business:


  1. Patty Pibal (Tom Hudson) moved that ALL the Snack Bar staff be trained on the use of the sound system. Carried and referred to SDAD Programs.


  1. Dave Dahle (Deb Brozik) moved to have the Technology committee review the sound system to make sure it can be used with newer devices such as iPods, etc. Carried.


  1. Tom Kober (Jeff Panek) moved that the SDAD Board recommend to Legislative committee a proposal that hearing aids be covered by insurance. Carried.


  1. Jeff Panek (Nikki Darland) moved that the CANS committee be removed for a lack of interest. Carried.


  1. Nikki Darland (Tom Kober) moved that SDAD Programs reassess the Miss Deaf South Dakota program due to the NAD’s replacement of Miss Deaf America with the Ambassadors program. Carried.


  1. Tom Kober (Patty Pibal) moved that SDAD remove the requirement to host 6 specific events a year and host three events a year instead (not counting Hall of Fame). Carried.


  1. Jeff Panek (Nikki Darland) moved that the past-due replacement of the LCD projector bulb be completed “now” and to pay for it with Recreation Center funds. Carried.


  1. Tom Hudson (Deb Brozik) moved to nominate Willard Schumack as the Hall of Fame chairperson. Carried.

            Willard was asked and accepted the nomination.


  1. Patty Pibal (Deb Brozik) moved to nominate Ben Soukup as chair of the Legislative and Education committees. Carried.


  1. Tom Kober (Nikki Darland) moved that SDAD lead a voluntary food drive at each event.

Jeff Panek (Dave Dahle) amended that it be done at the Christmas dinner only. Failed.

Jeff Panek ( ) amended that Tom Kober be in charge of the food drive. Dead.

Original proposal carried.


  1. Jeff Panek (Nikki Darland) moved to close New Business. Carried.



With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:40 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


David Dahle