SDAD Board Meeting Minutes 9-10-11

SDAD Board meeting

Held at the SDAD Rapid City Center Saturday, September 10th, 2011


The SDAD Board meeting came to order at 10:10 AM Mountain Time with the following Board members present:

            President Patty Kuglitsch; Vice President Tom Kober; Secretary David Dahle;

            Treasurer Deborah Brozik; At-large members: Patty Pibal, Jeff Panek, and Tom Hudson.

            (At-large position for West River representative was vacant)

            (Nikki Darland was absent / excused)


Approximately 20 members and guests were present during the meeting.



The agenda was approved as read.


Minutes of previous Board meeting:

The minutes of the previous regular board meeting were approved as read.


2011 SDAD Conference minutes:

The minutes were distributed for Board members’ guidance and referred to the 2013 Conference for formal approval.



Public Input:


Jule Meek mentioned a couple BHAD members were unable to attend due to health.


Troy Shablem mentioned he was working on setting up a ‘DeaFestival’ in Rapid City for 2012 and wanted to see if or how the SDAD Board could help.



Treasurer’s Report:

Reports for July and August were reviewed and approved.



Officer and Board reports:



The transition from the previous President has been completed; thanks to Tom Kober for a smooth transition.

Greg Danielson was introduced as the appointed representative for West River SDAD members (due to no West River members attending the Conference, the post was left open until this meeting), and Greg was asked and accepted the appointment.

            Deb Brozik (Jeff Panek) moved to approve the appointment. Carried.

            Greg then took the oath of office and joined the Board.


Represented SDAD at a few events since the Conference:

            ADA anniversary celebration

            Event at the SDAD Rapid City Center during the Sturgis Rally

            SDAD transition meeting

            SD Coalition for Citizens with Disabilities meeting (Nikki attended in Patty’s place)

Discussed the committees and mentioned new chairs and members have been selected.

            Tom Kober (Tom Hudson) moved that the Governance Committee develop a list

            of roles and responsibilities for each of the standing committees. Carried.

Mandates from Conference: A list of issues was presented that was developed during the membership forum at the Conference. The Board is to select ten issues as the priority for the next two years.

NAD National Leadership Training Conference – this meeting combines the State Association Presidents Conference and the Region meetings previously held.

NAD State Association dues have not yet been paid.

            Jeff Panek (Tom Kober) moved to get the $200 dues paid. Carried.

SD Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities – SDAD is not currently a member?

            Tom Kober mentioned it WAS moved and carried in the past that SDAD shall pay the $35

            organizational dues annually.

SDAD Christmas dinner is coming up and it will be held on December 11.

CSD GROW event on October 1 at the Mall of America; a bus will be provided for CSD staff and SDAD members.


Vice President:

Discussed the CANS committee and SDAD’s obligation to host six fund-raising events / parties a year.


Secretary: (no report)



193 members have joined or renewed for 2011.

The laptop and USB flash drive approved at the last meeting have now been purchased.


Board member-at-large reports: (no report)



Committee reports:


The list of new committee chairs and members were presented for Board approval.

            Dave Dahle expressed a concern whether having Ben Soukup as a member of the

            Governance Committee presented a conflict of interest, and the Board responded that

            CSD and SDAD are now separate organizations.

            The Board asked Dr. Bobbie Beth Scoggins to elaborate on SDAD PR Committee plans.

Jeff Panek (Patty Pibal) moved to approve the list of committee chairs and members. Carried.

Tom Kober (Tom Hudson) moved that if the Finance chair passes to one of the other current Finance Committee members, the change is to be automatically approved. Carried.


Jeff Panek requested a 10-minute break at 11:05; meeting resumed at 11:20.



Unfinished business: (none)



New business:


  1. Tom Kober (Patty Pibal) moved that SDAD invest up to $500 for PR material. Carried and referred to the Finance Committee.


  1. Tom Hudson (Jeff Panek) moved that the signs at the SDAD Center be updated with current prices and selection. Referred to the Finance Committee.


  1. Dave Dahle (Jeff Panek) moved that the stack of offset printing plates be brought from the printing room at the Old School to the SDAD Center and offered for sale to those who may be interested in purchasing them. Carried.


  1. Tom Kober (Deb Brozik) moved that SDAD establish an ad-hoc committee for evaluating and improving access to mental health and drug / alcohol services for the deaf in South Dakota.


  1. Tom Kober (Deb Brozik) moved that SDAD host a town hall meeting regarding interpreting issues in the near future. Carried.


  1. Tom Kober (Dave Dahle) moved that SDAD focus on the top ten issues identified from the list developed during the membership forum at the SDAD Conference. Jeff Panek (Greg Danielson) amended that this be held until the next Board meeting. Amendment failed but main proposal carried.


  1. Jeff Panek (Tom Kober) moved that the first ten issues on the list presented during the President’s report be chosen as the top ten issues to focus on for 2011-2013. Carried.


  1. Jeff Panek (Deb Brozik) moved to close New Business. Carried.



Some announcements were shared and also some remarks from Dr. Frank Turk and NAD President Dr. Bobbie Beth Scoggins.


The SDAD Board also extended thanks to BHAD for their hospitality and treats during the meeting.


With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:13 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


David Dahle